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Latest Trend And Market Price Of Properties In Haridwar

Haridwar the pilgrimage is the most attracted places among all in Uttarakhand. The main reason behind it is property options, connectivity serene locations. ‘Haridwar’ means door to God's house and this is the purest and holy place out there in India.

Nov 22,2017

Buying A Property In Naintal Mukteshwar – Gather Some Information Before It ?

Well, once this Nainital was a dense forest before it transformed inhabited with tribal of Kumaoni race. Also Nainital is famous for schools. The city had come across several changes in terms of education and building under British rule. The 50 year old Aryabhatta Research Insitute of Observational Science is located here.

Nov 9,2017

Why you should have a property in Nainital?

As a searing heat wave sweeps through the plains, the highway to the hills of scenic Nainital is packed with traffic. A report dated 7th June 2016 in the Hindustan Times says “ The famous hill station is bursting at the seams as up to 50,000 vehicles are reaching the city on weekends and all hotels are filled to capacity…..Police say that they put up boards saying Nainital has reached its full capacity of tourists and that all hotels are full”. The road between Haldwani and Nainital which normally takes about an hour is now facing 5 hr long traffic snarls.

Sep 21,2017

Is buying property in Shimla your dream?

For most of us folks who are city dwellers the hills draw us like a magnet. So the minute we have a few days break we rush off to the cool mist laden hill stations. Everybody, in fact the entire country it seems, wants to get away from the sweltering heat of the plains. But getting a room in peak holiday season is a nightmare- unless you have planned the trip eons in advance and of course the prices go through the roof! Faced with this scenario we often daydream of a pretty home in the hills….

Sep 21,2017

Why owning a Property in Haridwar is profitable ?

Pilgrimage tourism has seen a steady spike for some years now and builders and hotel chains are lining up at holy destinations to cash in on this trend. Land is still available at cheaper rates compared to metros and with rapid improvement of infrastructure, such destinations are seeing a rising demand from both investors and buyers. The holy cities provide the perfect oppurtunity to combine spiritual needs with a long term investment decision. Haridwar is a prime example of this trend.

Sep 21,2017

SHUBHAM GROUP is a company that I would recommend to anybody who is looking for a second home in the hill stations. Our experience has been simply amazing.

Mrs. Anuradha Saha

I had always wanted a home amidst nature and SHUBHAM GROUP has fulfilled this dream of mine. The location is simply gorgeous and the construction is definitely the best. The company has taken care of each and every detail.

Mrs. Monika Gupta

We had bought a villa at Mukteshwar thinking it would be ideal as a second home. But now I am happy to say that it is more a first home than a second home!! The quality of life is so good that we live there almost around the year, and when we are forced to come to the city for some work I simply want to run back to my beautiful home in the hills!!

Mrs Shashi Mathur

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