Q.1 :-

How will I benefit from a property in hill stations/in religious places?

Ans :-

Our projects not only give you a second home amidst peace, serenity, and nature but in some projects we also have attractive rental income plans with buy back option, and are therefore ideal as an investment option. We have chosen our locations keeping in mind two target groups- the nature lover and the spiritually inclined. The first group is those who a want a home in the lap of nature for various reasons- as a getaway, for retirement purposes, for a different lifestyle and so on. The second is that group which is looking for spiritual peace and a connect with the Divine.

Q.2 :-

Can I resale my property?

Ans :-

Yes you can ,but in hill stations and religious places it is not easy to resale property quickly as compared to the metros.

Q.3 :-

What is the appreciation of property in these locations?

Ans :-

The appreciation depends on the real estate market. Both in religious places as well as in hill stations the appreciation will be directly proportional to its popularity as a tourist destination.

Q.4 :-

Can I purchase property in Uttrakhand /Himachal Pradesh if I am a non domicile?

Ans :-

If you are a non domicile then you can buy up to 295 sqyd of land in the hilly areas of Uttrakhand and you can construct property on it. In Himachal Pradesh you cannot buy land but you can buy constructed property. You can get more detailed information on the net in this regard.

Q.5 :-

Will the property be registered in my name?

Ans :-

Yes the property will be registered in your name if you buy at any of our sites.

Q.6 :-

Do you have the necessary approvals?

Ans :-

We have all the government approvals for all our projects and can be checked by you when you decide to purchase.

Q.7 :-

How can I visit your site?

Ans :-

We make arrangements for site visits which are chargeable. If you purchase any property then the cost incurred for the site visit is reimbursed to you .

Site visit facilities are provided only ex-Delhi. The Mukteshwar ( Nainital) site visit will be an overnight stay at our cottage. But for Haridwar and Shimla you will return on the same day.You may also visit the site on your own. But we advise you to intimate us beforehand so that we ensure that someone is there to assist you.

Q.8 :-

How do I check the credibility of your company?

Ans :-

We have many satisfied customers and we have also given possession to many of our clients. They come from diverse backgrounds like the Defence forces, artists and writers, NRI's, business people and so on. Currently we have four ongoing projects. The total value of these will be more than Rs 100/- crores. There are ready to move in as well as under construction options.

Q.9 :-

What about bank finance?

Ans :-

As of now we do not have any arrangement with any bank. But in case a customer would like to avail of bank finance then we will provide all the relevant papers which will be required by the bank. We also have arrangements for providing our own company finance.

Q.10 :-

Can I get references if I want?

Ans :-

We have many happy customers and we have their permission to give you their reference when required.

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